As I share often, one of my favorite parts of blogging is the connections I make with other bloggers. I get to know women from so many different walks of life that I otherwise wouldn't meet. What always fascinates me the most though is when I find someone in the blogging sphere who I would possibly run into in other areas of life one day! 

Today's featured blogger is Halee, has had a career in ABA therapy and is a preschool teacher! For those who have been following me for awhile, you know that I am in the midst of getting my BCBA and my teaching credential, so I basically met my match with Halee! Some of her blog posts are about Trader Joes, wine, and tacos, so yup, basically the same person.

Halee started her blog Real Life With Halee to share her life with others. She gives tips on living a full life without spending extravagantly. She is relatable and wants her readers to feel inspired and know it's okay to be living the life they are living!

A little more about Halee:
Favorite blog post? Wine tasting hacks! In this post she shares how to enjoy this often expensive habit while keeping within a tight budget.

What keeps her motivated? Knowing that people are waiting to see and read what she is going to write!

How she has fun? The 3 B's: brunch, beach, & binge watching TV

Favorite place to shop? Target, Trader Joe's, & Forever 21

Top 3 beauty products? Olay night cream Ouai Wave Spray, Shea Moisture Overnight Face Oil

For more of Halee, peep her personal Instagram and her blog Instagram. They're equally awesome.


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