Tuesday, July 11, 2017


It's week something or another of the Bachelorette and I am ready for the season to wrap up. It became a quick snooze fest after week 3 and I am more looking forward to the first episode of Bachelor in Paradise to see how they tackle the DeMario/Corinne situation. Anywho, here are a few thoughts I had last night and more importantly, a fun giveaway.

Rachel "buying" Bryan that watch is a clear sign that he is her #1. If she was choosing Dean or Peter at the final rose ceremony, she would have given them the watch. It's her version of an engagement ring.

What is Dean's big family secret? What is he so afraid of Rachel finding out? (Previews for next week proved to me that Dean is afraid Rachel will find out that his Dad is Zoltar.) 


I thought Rachel was going to keep Adam around instead of Eric. For someone who says she speaks all honesty and wants to be up front, she should not have told Adam she could see herself falling in love with him and then sending him home moments later. 

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Giveaway ends July 17th at 9pm PST.


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