A new Tone It Up 8 week challenge is upon me and I am excited to dive all in the next 2 months. I have some reasonable goals set and I love that Tone It Up provides me with a strong support system, a nutritious meal plan, and attainable workouts.

In past challenges I have found that it is mid afternoon that is my biggest struggle with eating right. I tend to crash and start to crave sugar to keep me awake and attentive at work. This seeps into me going to workout after work and I often end up adding coffee or an energy drink on top of that sugar I already consumed, which actually leaves me feeling worse.

In order to sustain energy throughout the 8 week challenge, and in my afternoons, I follow these three tips:

1.) Hydrate yourself! A lot of times our body starts to doze off because it is dehydrated. If you are craving something sweet, add lemon to your water, or grab a flavored seltzer water, such as La Croix.

2.) Grab a snack that is healthy and fuels your body. A snack that is delicious, filling, and high in protein, is perfect for the mid afternoon slump. I recommend Go Macro Macro Bars which are vegan, organic, and most importantly to me - gluten free!

3.) Get your vitamin on! Be sure you are consuming enough vitamin B, iron, and vitamin D to be sustaining energy, staying awake, and keeping the pounds off.


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