Easter is next week and I have been spending a lot of time scrolling through Pinterest to find fun ways to decorate. This wreath, created by Love the Tompkins of Home Talk, struck my eye and would be simple to make.

What you need: 
  • 4 orange tulip bushes (could be fresh, but I recommend getting fake flowers from a craft store!)
  • green burlap ribbon
  • "greens" (also could be fresh, but I recommend getting from a craft store)
  • wire
How to:
  1. Bunch a group of 4-5 tulips together, staggered, to form tip of the carrot. 
  2. Wire in burlap ribbon and attach to the top of the bush of flowers.
  3. Continue adding 3-6 tulips, moving down the stems, following with the ribbon and wire. 
  4. Once all "carrots" are wired in, add "greens" to the top.
  5. Attach with wire and ribbon.
  6. Tie burlap ribbon in a bow around the joining of tulips and greens.


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