No words I can write will express the strength and grace of blogger Mabel Stevens. She is a beautiful woman who I do not believe I have done justice on in this blog post. Her story is powerful, raw, and a true testimony of the greatness and glory of Jesus Christ.

At age 5, Stevens moved from West Africa to the United States, due to fear of a civil war. Her parents had already experienced this, which moved them from Liberia to Cote D'voire. Coming to the U.S. with very little, Stevens was often the victim of bullying by her peers, being called burnt and a roach. This took a toll on her self esteem, leading Stevens to becoming depressed and suicidal. she questioned why God would make her this way and decided life was not worth living. Stevens wrote suicide notes in secret. By the grace of God, that night her Mom forced her to come to church with her.

Stevens made the decision that if Christ could die for her, she could live for Him. Although she began living for Christ, Stevens still experienced the internal damage of what bullies were saying to her. One morning as she was loathing herself in the mirror, God let her know he was sick of it. He told her, "I did not make any mistakes on you Mabel. Who told you being dark skinned was an insult?" The way she looked at herself following that was that her skin tone wasn't an insult, but a fact. She began to see herself the way God created her to be.

Over the years, Stevens began healing her heart with the help of God. She often would hear the Holy Spirit saying beautiful, but breaking it up into Be You Too Full. "It took sometime but eventually it registered to me God was telling me to be me to the fullest extent of whom He has called me to be," said Stevens.

Hearing this, Stevens felt God had called her to create her blog to share her story. She argued with God, but obeyed. Writing her testimony has helped heal her.

"I'm thankful that through Christ I overcame this issue in my life and what better way to show my thankfulness than to live for Him. I want to show Christ to others that they can overcome difficult trials in their life. My goal is to be that person I wish I had growing up as a young girl."

One of her favorite posts she has written is "The Lost Get Found." In it she illustrates the story of how she lost herself to find herself, giving up her life to chase after God. She shares personal anecdotes of her leaving her parents to start Bible school and creating a personal relationship with God. Her most recent series, "A Worshiper's Diary" shares daily devotionals which include personal poems, scripture references, and worship music.

Outside of blogging, Stevens enjoys writing poetry, singing, and dancing. To learn more about her, visit her blog Be-You-Ti-Ful or find her on YouTube and Facebook.


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