The past couple weeks we have had several rainy days. It has been so nice to enjoy the peaceful weather and we certainly need it in California. Whenever it rains I want to listen to calming music, light candles, and curl up with a good book. Here are ten songs I love when it’s raining:

1.)    Skinny Love by Bon Iver
2.)   Drunks by Johnny Swim
3.)   I Got A Car by George Straight
4.)   City Girl by Ryan Hurd
5.)   Hymn For The Weekend by Coldplay
6.)  Ignition (Remix) by R. Kelly
7.)   A Case Of You by Joni Mitchell
8.)  Star of the Show by Thomas Rhett
9.)  Love Triangle by RaeLynn

10.)Wanna Be That Song by Brett Eldredge
Caitlin Dimmitt

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