Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Prior to this past weekend, I was living long distance from my boyfriend. Often times I would send him themed care packages. While shopping for holiday themed boxes was always my favorite, here are three themed care packages for any time of the year!

Blue Without You (All Blue Care Package)
·        Oreos
·        Bunch A Crunch
·        Eclipse
·        Pretzel M&Ms
·        Pop Secret
·        Monster
·        Chapstick
·        Pens

Rise & Shine (Morning Themed Care Package)
·        Mini cereal boxes
·        Tooth brush
·        Tooth paste
·        Protein shakes
·        Mug
·        K-Cups

Movie Night (Movie Night Themed Care Package)
·        Popcorn
·        Movies
·        Red Box Coupons
·        Candy
·        Popcorn container
·        Hot cocoa

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