Lately my to do list has left me feeling overwhelmed. It's a never ending list of what needs to get done, so much so that usually nothing ends up done. Instead of looking at a 40 item list and shutting down, I have been reducing my daily must do to a "top three" that are the urgent priority of the day. If I am able to finish those, then I pick another three to move on to and so forth. I have changed my whole method of each day, with a daily "calendar" to go with.

The format:
Inspirational Quote
Meal Plan
Blog Post
Top Three

My productivity level has never been so high and my stress level has never been so low. Last night, I felt like I had everything 100% under control and taken care of. I can't remember the last time I felt this way, but I know it's because I am tackling hills instead of Mt Everest.

What's your method of getting things done?
Caitlin Dimmitt

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