Glambot is a resell website for high end makeup products. They are the best place to purchase limited time or discontinued makeup products from the best brands. The products sold on Glambot are checked for authenticity, eliminating the scam factor presented on Craigs List and eBay. Because these items are resell, they are offered at a cheaper price than retail.

For under $50, I received Benefit They're Real Mascara, Nars Deep Throat blush, Mac Private Party Lipstick. These high end products are difficult to come by and I am glad I was able to swoop them up for a low price.

As a fellow makeup hoarder, I am excited to check out the selling option on Glambot. I have trash bags full (I am not kidding...I just moved and packed it all up) of makeup products. Selling these unused items is a great way to declutter and make some extra cash. Money from sales can either be sent to you as cash or can be transferred into GlamBucks to be used towards makeup purchases, which allows the shopper more money for their sales.

The only downfall I find with Glambot is that you must sell at least 20 items at a time. While this would not be difficult for a true hoarder like me, I imagine it being hard to gather up 20 items to sell for any everyday person.

Head over to Glambot  for $5 off your first purchase!

FTC Disclosure: All items discussed in this blog post have been sent to me courtesy of Glambot. I have not been financially compensated for this review. All opinions above are true and my own.

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