Apple Cider Vinegar is nasty. Whenever I drink it, I practically yack. However, the health benefits far outweigh the couple minutes of acid lining my throat and stomach.

When ingesting Apple Cider Vinegar (I usually fill a shot glass first thing in the morning) it can:

  • regulate blood sugar
  • suppress appetite
  • detoxify the liver
  • break up mucus
  • aid in digestion
  • clear your skin
However, the uses for Apple Cider Vinegar are not limited to ingestion. Apple Cider Vinegar can also:
  • prevent breakouts (Put Apple Cider Vinegar on a cotton pad and use as you would a toner.)
  • whiten teeth and eliminate bad breath (Swish with Apple Cider Vinegar after brushing.)
  • clean your home (Apple Cider Vinegar kills bacteria. The odor goes away upon drying. Fill a spray bottle with equal parts Apple Cider Vinegar, equal parts water.)
Do you have any experiences using Apple Cider Vinegar? If so, what for?
Caitlin Dimmitt

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