A night out with friends is always fun. However, when you wake up the next morning, the struggle can be real and getting ready for work can be even worse. With National Margarita Day tomorrow, here are 5 beauty hacks for you to utilize Tuesday morning after a few too many shots of Patron. 

1.) Skip coffee! Your body is already dehydrated after a night of drinking, and coffee will add to that mess. Instead grab something like a Gatorade to refuel.

2.) Depuff your eyes! Put two spoons in the freezer. Once they're ice cold put them over your eyes. This will contract your eye vessels and make you look more refreshed. 

3.) Use dry shampoo. It will absorb oil, get rid of any lingering bar odors, and boost volume.

4.) Use multi-purpose products. BB Cream, CC cream, and/or color sticks can make 1 product cover multiple steps.

5.) Use dark pink. It brightens the face, brings life, and will mask any sign of a late night out, whether it's on your lips or your cheeks. 

Enjoy National Margarita Day!

Caitlin Dimmitt

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