Sunday, December 20, 2015


My family has been cheering for TCU football since much longer than coaching has been a part of my life. Eventually I was more worried about if the coaches were making the right call and how the game would affect my life win or lose than I was about just having fun watching a sport I love. Over Thanksgiving weekend, (with Cal Poly's season wrapped up) my family hopped on a plane and headed east for TCU vs. Baylor.

Last year's showdown was awfully close and cost TCU the chance at a National Championship. This year they needed payback. And they got it. After a 45 minute rain delay, a wind chill of 23 degrees, soaked through clothes, and double overtime, the Horned Frogs won the game and we stormed the field. It was EPIC.

This experience reminded me what football is all about-- family and fun times. Don't forget to just be a fan. Even when winning or losing determines the next season of your life, just enjoy the ride for what it is...a game.

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