Tuesday, September 1, 2015


Trusting the Lord's plan for our lives can be a challenge. For me, it has been the most difficult part of my walk with the Lord. The moment I finally gave up on trying to be in control of my life and realized God already had a determined path for me, 99% of my anxieties vanished. It can also be trying to trust the Lord's plan in difficult times. Recently an important leader in my relationship with Christ lost her battle with cancer. She was always so positive about her diagnosis and had trust in the Lord's plan for her health. Marcie lead a life of love with a tender, servant heart. She guided me and many other young women to learn about Jesus, know their value, and love others like Jesus does. This month I am challenging myself to trust the Lord the way Marcie did.

"Well done good and faithful servant." Matthew 25:21


  1. The Remy boots look quite dark in your post.

    1. Hi Shamim! Which post are you looking at the Remy boots so I can check it out? :)