I  am the queen of caffeine. I drink green tea, coffee, Red Bull, and then some. Unfortunately, many of these options are terrible for my health. However, in my most recent Send Me Gluten Free box there was a sample of Dark Dog Organic Energy Drink. It was AMAZING and I fell in love, but I could not find it at any stores near me.

I then reached out to Dark Dog Organic and wanted to do a post about their products, separate from having mentioned them briefly when talking about Send Me Gluten Free, that's how much I loved them!

These USDA Organic and Non GMO verified organic drinks are made with organic cane and coconut sugar. They provide me with long lasting energy without a crash. The best part is that they don't taste like energy drinks. They are chalked full of vitamins and not the unnatural, dangerous ingredients of the average energy drink.

Dark Dog Organic offers three flavors: Original, Blood Orange, and 50 Calories. The 50 Calories Drink has green tea and yerbamate with an elderberry flavor. My favorite of the three is blood orange because it is delicious, but also has a lot of vitamin C. 

For those interested in testing out my Dark Dog obsession for yourself, Dark Dog is offering 20% off for 12 packs purchased on Amazon by entering the code EM7TXWBZ.


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