Saturday, April 25, 2015


One of the first things I do in the morning is check my Time Hop. This app pulls your old Facebook posts, Instagram photos, and Tweets, showing you what you posted on this day in previous years. Nearly every day I become more and more embarrassed and mortified of the things I have decided to post on Social Media. Like uhhh hello no one cares what you are watching on TV or that you have an crush on Andrew Luck, Caitlin.

However, I have also posted some pretty awesome things.





I encourage you to check out Time Hop. It is a fun app to have and has reminded me of some great times with great people. However, be careful what you post on social media. I am a self admitted over poster, but I think being a blogger comes with the excessive Instagram posts. However, as a rule of thumb, if you won't care about it in a few years, don't post it.


  1. Hi Cate! This is a hilarious post... so true! I love social media and I am almost afraid to see what I posted years ago... It's so awesome to connect with you! Blessings to you this week! :)
    Love Danise

  2. Btw... It's an added extra bonus that we both live in So Cal! Grew up in Simi Valley... live in Santa Clarita now, but I work with the Dream Center in LA so I am there several times a week - Went to the beach today, couldn't resist Awesome weather- perfect day at the beach! xo

    1. What a small world! I grew up in Moorpark and now live in Santa Clarita too!