Recently I read “Dirty Rush” by Taylor Bell. I enjoyed the book as a fun mindless read, but it left me questioning a lot about Greek Life. I have heard so many different horror stories in the news about fraternities and sororities hazing, but I also know that they put together many events to benefit various organizations. I realize this is just a novel about a college freshman’s pledge experience, but I believe there is a lot of truth behind it. 

I knew prior to college that sorority life was not for me. This is one of the many reasons I went to a smaller school. My university did not even offer Greek life, which I liked. However, sometimes when I visit other colleges, I regret not joining this scene when I see how much fun they appear to be having. Based on some stories though, I wonder if it is all a facade. 

Are fraternities and sororities more harmful than beneficial? Just by typing "fraternity news" in on Google, there were eleven stories in the past 24 hours shedding negative light on frats, regarding hazing, drug use, and more. While the news often shares the important negatives instead of the positives, these dangerous situations need to be brought to light.

Some of the fraternity stories include but are not limited to-

Cornell University Sigma Alpha Epsilon, George Desdune, was kidnapped and driven to a town home, where he was blindfolded, tied up, and forced to play a trivia game. For every wrong answer, he had to take a shot of vodka. Later he was found dead in the library.

At post date, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee Tau Kappa Epsilon, is under investigation for throwing a date rape party. Three sexual assaults are linked to this fraternity. *Trial still pending.*

It's not just frats who bring the drama. Sororities haze too. Two particular cases in the news-

Ravital Segal, Kappa Kappa Gamma at Dartmouth University, being forced to drink a 64 ounce bottle of spiked punch, chasing with shots of vodka. She was then pushed out of a moving vehicle and awoke in the hospital the following day, with no memory of the night, being told she was 0.001 BAC away from a coma.

Cal State LA Alpha Kappa Alphas, Kristen High and Kenitha Saafir, were forced to workout for hours on a beach and then walk backwards into the ocean. Saafir was swept away by a wave, leading High to go in after her. Both drowned.

These are just four real-life counts of hazing horror stories, as described in Taylor Bell's Dirty Rush. So while those who are a part of Greek Life believe they are focused on tradition and philanthropy, they are perceived negatively. I believe these harmful stories outweigh the positivity of sororities and fraternities.

I was able to be a leader, gain character, volunteer in my community, and form life long friendships in college without being a part of a group of people that forces life-threatening drinking, mortifying sexual acts, and degrading conversations.

What are your thoughts on Greek Life?


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