The Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots will face off today in Super Bowl XLIX. For the first time in awhile I do not care at all about the game. However, I will still enjoy time with friends, good food, and funny commercials.

Here are 5 Super Bowl party hacks for you to implement in today's festivities:

1.) Use a salad spinner to evenly coat wings. Just throw in wings and sauce and give it a spin.

2.) Tie a bottle opener to the cooler.

3.) Line your garbage can with multiple bags so you don't have to waste time re-bagging.

4.) Turn potato skins into football potato skins using sour cream.

5.) Buy alcohol at Costco. No membership is needed and prices are on average 30% less than at liquor stores.

What are your favorite Super Bowl festivities?

Caitlin Dimmitt

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