Beach Bag DIY & Giveaway (CLOSED)

What's better to do on a Saturday afternoon after a morning at the zoo than arts & crafts? I'm headed back to school in a couple weeks to get my CNA and I decided that I should make myself a tote. Most over summer would use these as beach bags, but no beach time for me! :( These were SO easy to make. I got the plain canvas totes at Michaels, and used a stencil, painter's tape, paint, and a brush. For the sailor bag, I cut out an anchor that I printed off google and taped it down, then painted it. With the striped bag, I just used to tape to create stripes. After both dried, I peeled the tape off and voila! 

Win yourself one of the bags full of beach time goodies (sunglasses, sun block, makeup remover wipes, and other fun treats!)

Caitlin Dimmitt


  1. I like the white and pink striped bag! Ur amazing cate love ur blog!

  2. The anchor one is my favorite! It's perfect for. Day trip to the beach.

  3. I absolutely love the pink striped one!!! It just screams out summer!! P.s. I love your blogs you just got a new follower!! <3

    1. Welcome Elizabeth! Thanks for the following. I'm doing 25 days of giveaways this month, so 15 more left. All the ones dating back to July 10 haven't ended yet, so feel free to enter! :)

  4. I love the anchor one