I have met some incredible women on my blogging journey. I have met mentors and friends who have all helped me grow into the blogger I am today. They encourage me to keep developing my content and motivate me to keep writing on the hard days. Two amazing women I recently learned about, Ella and Jess, embody all of this, motivation and inspiration, and lend friendly advice to millennials. The Gal Pals provide their readers with news, advice, and information on finance, health, beauty, style, and anything else that inspires them in the moment.

Before blogging, Ella studied journalism and Jess had a passion for writing. They started Gal Pals because of their passion for writing and community. They have strengths in different areas, and together the puzzle pieces fit together to create something great!
Jess: Either the Met Gala post or the Mother’s Day post! With both of them I was learning new things about blogging while writing them - like using slideshows and polls, and using ads. Both of them took a long time to finish and the end product is something I’m really proud of. 
E: I always look at what might be behind that lack of motivation. Am I tired, or stressed? Have I not put time aside for myself lately? I make sure I fix the cause first. After that it’s just a matter of starting - I write about something simple like what I did that day, or I pick something on the news that interested me, and write a few paragraphs to get that spark back. Then I pick back up where I left off and buckle down!

Here is some fun information to get to know the Gal Pals better!

What is your favorite blog post you have written?
Ella: My favorite blog post was one of the first that we wrote - interviewing Guido from Melko. Our interview was incredibly interesting, and his passion for what he does and what the business stands for was inspiring.

What motivates you when you do not feel like writing?

J: It happens quite a bit! I have random bouts of energy and then times where I don’t have the energy to do anything at all. At times like that, I remember that I was made to be my own boss -  I don’t want to go back to a job where I’m stressing myself out for someone else’s benefit.

Any advice you have for new bloggers?

E: Figure out what it is you bring to the table. There are lots of blogs out there - what makes yours different, or unique? What do you provide that others don’t?

J: Find your niche, and don’t be too broad. If you think you’ve narrowed it down, narrow it down even more! The biggest mistake Ella and I made was being too broad in our topics when we first started out. Invest in the right tools, read other blogs that are from your niche - what’s the point of running a blog if you’re not going to read other blogs? Make time to learn and connect with other bloggers.

What do you enjoy doing outside of blogging?

E: I write a lot of poetry. It’s such a different style of writing to anything else and I enjoy being able to play around with syntax in a way that you can’t do with journalistic forms of writing. I also love spending time with my dog and cat (Freya and Hero, respectively) and hanging out with friends!

J: If I’m not writing for the blog, I’m writing novels! I have so many on the go. I’ve recently found a passion for gardening and I spend most of my time there, or walking Freya, our dog.

Where is your favorite place to shop?

E: I’m a sucker for online stores, and cosmetics. I love ASOS, and I can spend a ridiculous amount of money at Lush and Mecca!

J: Honestly, Bunnings. For clothing, I like Glassons or ASOS!

What is your fall fashion staple?

E: A pair of cute heeled boots!

J: A jacket! Specifically this lilac cord jacket I have. I wear it with everything!

What are your top 3 go to beauty products?

E: At the moment, I’m trying to go absolutely minimal with my makeup. I used to wear a full face on most days, and my skin suffered for it. I’m on a journey to love my skin, scars and all, so I limit my daily use products to Essano - Rosehip Moisture Restorative Night Creme, Glossier’s Boy Brow, and Maybelline Fit Me concealer if I absolutely need it.

J: Argan Oil for my hair, Lush’s Gorgeous moisturiser and a good coffee scrub! Very necessary in these dry winter months.

For more of the Gal Pals, follow them on Social Media!

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Whenever I have writer's block or am lacking motivation, I can find encouragement from other bloggers. They understand the struggle to create quality content and the frustration of not having the right words to say. They understand the pressure that comes with being a content creator, regardless of the size of your following. I love to look for them when I need a little extra push. Here are some of my favorite blog posts lately from other bloggers that are keeping me motivated!

Should You Start A Blog?
This blog post from Champagne & A Carry On talks about not letting fear win and to foster an attitude of community over competition. She encourages people to share what's on their heart and mind, keep pure intentions, and quality over quantity. I have learned so much from Victoria about blogging in the past couple months than I have learned in the past couple years of running Kick Back With Cate. I recommend everyone check out this post, whether you have a blog, want to start a blog, or just need some extra motivation.

Advice from Women Who Created Their Job & How You Can Too!
In this post, Modern Day Girlfriend checks in with other boss babes to see what keeps their mojo flowing. From photographers to editors to bloggers, this blog touches on advice for women creating their own businesses and what keeps them motivated.

How to Create Less Content With More Impact
This blog post, and the podcast that followed it, had me reeling. Listening to Jenna Kutcher speak about how to create a bigger following and better work, without feeling the need to constantly push out content, really resonated with me. I have been struggling lately with my output, simply due to the fact that I am working a job that requires 55+ hours a week of my attention and working on 2 Master's degrees. While my blog is my #1 love, these other two things have to take my attention right now. However, after listening to this podcast I have a perspective shift about my blog and a MASSIVE to do list for incredible things that are going to come from Kick Back With Cate this summer.
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Friday night I had the pleasure of going to the Taylor Swift concert at the Rose Bowl! It was a magical night. I have never experienced a concert quite like the one I saw Friday...heck, I wouldn't even call it a concert. It was a full on show with video, animatronics, fireworks, and incredible music. Charli XCX and Camila Cabello opened, and Shawn Mendes made a special appearance. There were so many songs by Taylor that I wanted her to sing that she didn't, but she only had a couple hours to perform. In honor of the Reputation Tour, I have compiled a list of my top 15 favorite Taylor Swift songs....I was shooting for a top 10, but it was just too hard!

1.Teardrops On My Guitar
2. 22
3. I Knew You Were Trouble
4. Shake It Off
5. Tim McGraw
6. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
7. Bad Blood
8. Our Song
9. This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
10. Stay Stay Stay
11. New Year's Day
12. Hey Stephen
13. Begin Again
14. I Did Something Bad
15. Look What You Made me Do

What is your favorite Taylor Swift song?
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Meghan Markle first came on to the fashion scene opening suitcases on Deal or No Deal, but really started turning heads when she started accessorizing her outfits with a prince on her arm. This weekend, Meghan Markle is living out every American girls dream of marrying into royalty. One thing I have always loved about Meghan is how polished she looks. I recreated this outfit of Meghan's for just a smidge over $100. 

Total: $108.95

Please comment below with which celebrity look you would like recreated on a twenty somethings budget!

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Graduation season is here! The past couple weeks, and the weeks to come, have been full of graduates celebrating their accomplishments. Seeing all these graduates reminds me of the feelings I felt finishing my undergraduate degree, and the excitement I feel to be nearing the end of my Masters programs.

This is a time of year to celebrate, which starts with having the perfect graduation announcements and graduation party invitations. I recently discovered Basic Invite, a company that specializes in customized invitations, announcements, and thank you cards.

Anything you can imagine on your special photo graduation card is very possible with Basic Invite. They allow customers almost unlimited color. Once you select a design, you can change the color of each element on the littlest detail. Instant previews are available online, and customers can even order a printed sample before committing to their final order! This sets Basic Invite apart from almost any other online stationery company!

The color fun doesn't stop there! Basic Invite offers over 40 different colors with envelopes, so that invitations and announcements stand out before they are even opened! All envelopes are peel and seal so envelopes can be quickly and securely closed. I highly appreciate this because licking envelopes is the grossest!

When addressing the perfectly colored and sealed envelopes, Basic Invite offers addressing printing at no cost. They also offer an address capturing service that allows customers to share a link on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other forms of social media, to request their friends and family's addresses, which will then be stored in the customers account and can be selected during the design process.

For one final touch of perfection on your graduation announcements, invites, or thank yous, Basic Invite offers foil cards that are available in gold, silver, and rose gold. Customers can choose flat or raised foil on all of Basic Invite's foil designs.

Be sure to order whatever fits your needs, whether that be graduation announcements, invitations, or thank you graduation cards! Basic Invite is currently offering 15% off when you use the code 15FF51 at check out!

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