Debunking The 4 Myths About Weightlifting For Women

Debunking The 4 Myths About Weightlifting For Women


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You want to get fit and be healthy, right? This means you have probably started going to the

gym or doing some form of home workouts. You might have done a bit of research as well,

and somewhere along the way you've encountered talk about women lifting weights. 

Traditionally - and the emphasis is really on traditionally here - weightlifting is a male-dominated

sphere. It's something we associate with men rather than women. As such, there have been

lots of opinions around the idea of women lifting weights. In the past, these opinions were

taken as facts, and a lot of people have grown up with a specific view that women should

avoid lifting weights. Apparently, it's not good for your health, you will look like a man and

get too muscly, and so on and so forth. 

Well, you're about to learn that statements like these are simply myths without any evidence

to support them. Today, you will see some of the biggest myths about weightlifting for women,

and they'll all be debunked! As a result, you should see the truth about lifting weights and how

beneficial it can be for your overall health. 

Myth #1: Lifting weights will make you overly bulky

We have to start with the most overused myth of all. You have all seen workouts that are

designed 'for women', which usually means they contain either no weights or very light

ones. This is because there's a misconception that women will become very muscular

and overly bulky if they lift heavy weights. 

This simply is not true at all. 


Well, it all comes down to testosterone. Women simply do not produce anywhere near as

much of this hormone as men do. To put this into context, the average male testosterone levels range between 280 and 1,1000 nanograms per deciliter. The average female levels are

between 15 and 70 ng/dL. So, you can see there's a huge difference in how much testosterone

is produced. This is crucial as this hormone is a growth factor that's responsible for helping your

muscles grow bigger and bulkier.

Instead, when women lift weights, they will grow muscle mass, but it won't be substantial. You

can expect to see harder and more defined muscles, but nothing compared to the bulkiness of

a man. In fact, you'd need to take something like the T-booster supplements seen on to get anywhere near the testosterone levels required to become overly bulky. So, don't let the

thought of becoming big and muscular put you off weightlifting; it isn't going to happen, you will just

be more toned and defined!

Myth #2: Lifting weights is dangerous for women

If you're not shaking your head in disappointment/disbelief at this myth, then you should be! In a way,

the mere suggestion of lifting weights being dangerous for women is incredibly sexist. Why on earth

would it be safe for men but not safe for women? Where's the logic behind this statement?!

Needless to say, this is not true in the slightest. 

There is the same risk of injury for men as there is for women. If you train correctly and use the

proper form when lifting, you should be fine. Now, is it dangerous for women to try lifting the same

weights as a man? Sometimes, yes - but it depends on the two people involved. Generally, men

are stronger than women based on genetics. So, it is going to be harder and therefore more

dangerous for women to try and replicate a lift that a man has just done. 

Still, to claim that lifting weights is dangerous for women is just not true. Perhaps things got

lost in translation along the way, but there is no reason to be scared about lifting weights or

going heavy. Listen to your body and stay within your limits to reduce the risk of injuries. 

Myth #3: Lifting weights is bad if you want to lose fat

Another classic lift that stems from people just not really knowing what they're talking about.

Sorry if that sounds harsh, but it's the reality of the health & fitness world - particularly in the past. 

You see, the opposite is actually true; lifting weights is excellent if you want to lose fat!

This myth stems from people misreading the scales after a period of weight training. If you step

on the scales after lifting weights for a month or two, there is a decent chance that your weight

will increase. Now, people look at this and instantly make the assumption that lifting weight makes

them gain weight. Well...that's technically true, but there's a huge caveat to consider. 

Bodyweight is a composition of so many things; bones, fluids, organs, fat, and muscle. Interestingly,

muscle weighs more than fat. So, if you lift weights and build muscle, your body weight could go up

because you're adding more muscle. However, your body fat percentage is likely to go down.

This is because muscle takes more energy to burn than fat, so, the more muscle there is on your

body, the more calories you burn every day. In turn, this helps you reach the caloric deficit needed to burn fat and lose it. 

In short, your overall weight could increase, but your body fat percentage will go down. Provided you follow a good diet, you can definitely lift weights and lose fat, becoming more slimmed down and toned. 

Myth #4: Women should only use light weights

This kind of blends in with the myths about weightlifting making you bulky and being dangerous.

Nevertheless, it deserves its own spotlight as it is a very silly myth indeed. 

If you want to see progress, you need to push your body. The easiest way of doing this is by increasing

the weights that you lift. 

Too many women will pick up the lightest weights and do a set of reps with them. If you struggle to

reach your rep target with these weights, they are heavy enough for you. But, what tends to happen

is you get 10 reps out without breaking a sweat and keep using this weight. If that happens, you're

not really training your body to its full potential, and you won't see the benefits of lifting weights. 

A good rule of thumb is to pick a weight that makes you struggle to get the last reps out if you're

going for 10-12 per set. Once it becomes easy to reach these targets, you increase to the next

weight, and so on. It's called progressive overload and it helps you get toned and defined muscles. 

Why should women lift weights?

You've seen the myths, so now it's time to give a little breakdown as to why women should lift weights:

  • You will improve your muscle tone, which helps you look more defined and boosts your confidence.

  • It will help you burn fat without needing to do lots of boring cardio. 

  • It will improve your overall strength, which helps you perform regular activities with more ease. Things like carrying the shopping will soon feel so much easier for your body to do. 

  • It will improve joint stability, reducing the risk of injuries and pain when you're older. 

Put simply, there are no reasons for women not to lift weights. If men can do it, why can't we?

You have definitely heard of all the myths above many times before, so hopefully this provides

more clarity on the topic. As an overall conclusion, lifting weights is good for your health and can

make you a fitter person with more confidence. 

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5 Tips to Look Great and Feel Great

5 Tips to Look Great and Feel Great

There are a variety of options that can help us both look and feel our best. Whether you’re a busy mother, student, or just work, we must keep on top of our health. These following tips will not only help you look better, but you’ll also feel better both inside and out.


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Keep hydrated

This tip has been repeated so many times, but it seriously is super important to stay hydrated. Our bodies are made up of 70% water, so you need to make sure you get enough water intake throughout your day. You should drink a glass when you wake, before bed, as well as before and after your meals. Drinking water will also help curb your appetite which means you can easily lose weight since you’ll be feeling full for far longer.  Another fantastic bonus to drinking enough water throughout the day would be the fact that your skin will look radiant.

Protect your skin from the sun

The harmful UV rays in the sun are the leading cause of premature aging. This causes wrinkles to form, loss of skin elasticity, and there’s also a risk of skin cancer. So it’s important to cover up your skin with sunscreen. By using a powerful SPF sun blocker, you’ll help fight off the UV rays. It’s also best to wear sunglasses and a hat as well to add a layer of protection.

Skincare routine

It’s so important to have a skincare routine and to consistently follow it. Never go to bed wearing makeup, you should cleanse and moisturize daily, as well as exfoliate the skin twice per week. Doing all of these things will tremendously help your skin and your appearance appear more youthful but also just healthy in general. Be sure to read up on the ingredients that your skincare products contain because sometimes the products can do more harm than good. Also, look into seeing your local esthetician for advice.


While you don’t have to be in the best shape of your life, staying in some shape will help you both physically and mentally. Exercise can be a great way to alleviate stress, but also it’s great for getting the heart pumping. There are plenty of apps, free videos, and other sources online that are all free that can help you get started on exercising. If you have little experience with exercising then you can start with just taking brisk walks and then slowly build up to something more intense.

Eat well

The food that you choose to eat will have a significant impact on how you feel daily. It’s important to eat whole foods such as fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Try to stay away from pizza, fatty foods, or anything that could impact your dental care. Unhealthy foods will make you feel low in energy and lethargic. 

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3 Big Anniversary Presents Your Husband Will Love

3 Big Anniversary Presents Your Husband Will Love

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Buying gifts for your husband is hard enough as it is. However, things get even harder when you

have to buy them a gift  for a big event. Birthdays are challenging enough, let alone when you have to buy them a big anniversary present. You need to get them something special as you're celebrating your time together. So, here are three ideas that should blow their socks off: 

Flying lessons

At his heart, your husband is probably something of an adrenaline seeker. Most men enjoy things

like driving fast cars or learning how to do new things. So, a fantastic anniversary present could be

to get them flying lessons

No, they won't be flying a proper plane, but they can be taught how to fly a helicopter or a smaller

plane. Plenty of these lessons are available across the country in various airfields. Effectively,

your husband will get to spend the day learning how to fly before being taken up into the sky.

They will have control of the vehicle while in their air for a bit, and most lessons conclude with

the teacher flying them around and having a bit of fun in the air. It's certainly a unique gift, and

one that creates an experience they'll remember forever.

Golf holiday

This is a bit of a generalization, but most men love golf. At the very least, a lot of men enjoy

golfing with their friends or enjoying themselves at a lovely golf course. Purchasing your husband

a round of golf isn't that much of a spectacular gift, especially if it's an important anniversary. 

Instead, you should book them a golf holiday. Plenty of these exist, as you can see from On golf vacations, your husband can enjoy on-site lodging at the

golf course, including access to the exclusive clubhouse and other facilities. In essence, it's a

chance for them to enjoy a weekend getaway and to relax and play some golf. You could ask

their friends if any of them are interested in booking on, so you can buy your husband's ticket and

they can all go together. Or, you can go as a couple - there are plenty of things for you to do if you

don't want to walk around a golf course. 

A new entertainment system

Get your husband a gift they will use every single day with a new entertainment system. This

can include a new TV, speakers, TV stand, and so on. The idea is that you upgrade the living

room entertainment, which is what they get a lot of use out of. It's something they will

definitely appreciate, but it's also a gift that the whole family will benefit from!

You've got a handful of different gift ideas that are worth considering here. It mainly

depends on what your husband enjoys, but most men should like at least one of the options

on this list. They can be a bit expensive and outlandish, but that's the whole point when

buying them a present for a big anniversary!

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3 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

   3 Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

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There are many special moments in life that you want to relive all over again. The day you graduated from college, the day you met the love of your life, and the day you tied the knot. On your wedding day, you expect to have an unforgettable experience, making it imperative to make it perfect! To ensure your special day is memorable for the right reasons, here are a few mistakes you should avoid when planning your wedding. 

  1. Spending past your fashion budget

Your wedding outfits are essential during your big day. Most couples spend a lot of time picking the right dress. You would usually have a budget when you plan your wedding. This is to cover everything related to your clothing that day, including your earrings, shoes, bow ties, suits, wristwatches, rings, and gowns. You must avoid spending more than the money allocated for these elements. Instead, be sure to properly plan the elements you want to wear during your wedding. For example, there are several affordable wedding gown styles to pick from- you can click here to explore a few options. Doing this would help you create a precise budget and prevent impulse shopping.   

  1. Not giving yourself adequate time to plan your ideal wedding

Planning a wedding can be likened to preparing a meal. When you rush a meal, sometimes it goes south, and you are most likely to have a stomach upset or get food poisoning. It will be best to note that you will make avoidable mistakes when you don't give yourself enough time to plan your ideal wedding. Therefore, be sure to allocate ample time to plan and put various elements in place to ensure you have a beautiful wedding day.

  1. Skipping on hiring a videographer

Your wedding day is yours! Your guests would be there to enjoy the special moment with you, and you would be lost in the moment. With all the activities to do on that day, you may not be aware of a lot going on during the occasion. Although you would never forget the feelings of your special day, you want something to look back to or show your kids and loved ones how it went. 

This is why it is advisable to hire a videographer to help capture all the moments you would not have been able to see during the day or to relive your special moments such as your vows or special moments you love to see again. Pictures are great and are a beautiful reminder of your special moment. However, pictures may not be enough. You will need a skilled videographer to capture all the special moments for you to see and relive them repeatedly.

You can have your dream wedding devoid of some controllable mistakes. All you need to do is give yourself enough time to plan the wedding, use your allocated fund for fashion on all the necessary accessories, and employ the services of a skilled videographer.

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Innovative Ways To Save Money At Home

Innovative Ways To Save Money At Home

 Innovative Ways To Save Money At Home

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The simplest way to lose money is always to make huge expenses. In most cases, the high costs people make in life are unavoidable. However, the numerous unplanned minor expenses you make can accumulate into a massive mountain of losses if left unchecked. As a result of unplanned spending, your monthly savings may suffer the most. You might need to start a strategic plan to pocket some money at home. Therefore, it’s best to employ the following innovative ways to save money at home.

Minimize eating out

Occasionally, you may find that spending some time with friends and family during festive seasons is what you need to bond with them. However, every single visit to a local or continental eatery may make your pocket bleed. That said, cutting the number from, say, 10 to 3 times a month may be the best fit to save a significant amount of cash. Instead, you can plan picnics with take-along foods.

It could also be a habit. For instance, you prefer to drive to a coffee shop for a cup of French vanilla, caramel macchiato, pumpkin spice, mocha, or hazelnut. How about you cut some costs by learning how to make your cup of coffee. You can save the extra cash from transport and fuel you spend whenever you visit the coffee shop. You may read about ethereum vs bitcoin to know how best to invest the money you save from coffee shop trips.

Clear all debts and pay your bills on time

Debts and bills are two aspects to prioritize in your bid to save some money at home. Having a practical plan on how to pay your bills and debts can be a fantastic start. It is so important to consider paying your debts and clearing your bills because you can avoid paying so much cash due to the accumulated interest on the unpaid debts and bills. That said, you can employ a few strategic plans to pay off your debts and bills, like selling everything you don't need or getting a part-time hustle.

Learn how to give yourself a good makeover

Everyone loves a good makeover occasionally. However, getting a mani-pedi and wearing makeup can be significantly costly when the numbers are measured. You can learn how to do your pedicure, manicure, wigs, and makeup. Consider getting yourself a perfect gift for taking care of yourself, including a makeup set, wig stands, straighter,  softeners, trimmers, nail polish, and glue. With these items, you will have to practice constantly, and gradually, you may be able to give yourself a fabulous makeover.

Buy groceries in bulk and at wholesale rates

Cooking and eating at home may help you save some extra cash. However, without proper planning, you can end up wasting more money on food than needed. You can save money on the number of times you visit the grocery shop. You may also save your extra cash by practicing bulk buying from the wholesalers. You will need to note exactly how much groceries you can use within a specific period, for example, in a week. Be sure to factor in shelf life as leftover groceries will require a lot of money in electricity to preserve. The groceries may also perish if not used in a short time, which also means money has been wasted. That said, bulk grocery shopping at wholesale prices can be a perfect way to pocket some money at home.

Say goodbye to expensive gifts

It is typically for you or anyone to get excited upon receiving a gift. However, gifts may be so expensive sometimes. You can save yourself some money if you could say goodbye to expensive gifts and instead embrace homemade gifts that bring good memories.

For instance, on your friend's birthday, you can design a gift card out of cardboard for them. Cut out fun old pictures of you both and glue them nicely in the gift card. You can also spread some glitter to make it attractive. Your homemade gift may appear very cheap comparatively. However, your friend may always cherish it since it brings warm memories. There are many other cheap but considerably priceless gifts you can always make at home as gifts for friends and family.

Every single dollar saved or lost can have a significant impact on your finances. Spending, even at home, can become an issue if you don't manage things well. Just stick to the basics and improve your plans periodically.

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