I am excited to announce that our perfect little girl is finally here! Arriving 5 weeks early (birth story to come!) I couldn’t wait to share with anyone and everyone that she was here. While it was quick and easy to just post a picture of my little love on Instagram, I also wanted to send something more permanent out to friends and family, so I teamed up with Basic Invites to create a birth announcement.

Basic Invite is a stationery website that allows users to create truly custom invitations. This stationery company has endless options for all your stationery needs. Whether you need wedding invitations, graduation announcements, birthday party invitations, or any other event in between, Basic Invite has you covered.

Basic Invite is one of the few websites that allows customers almost unlimited color options with instant previews online. Once you select a design, you can change the color of each element on the card. With over 180 colors to choose from, you can make sure the card is exactly how you want it! I wish I had known about this option for my wedding invitations instead of being limited by what invites we could use to match our color scheme! 

On top of the nearly unlimited color options for card design, Basic Invite has over 40 different colors of envelopes. This gives customers the added personal touch of having envelopes match the color scheme of their product. All of Basic Invite’s envelopes are peel and seal so that envelopes can be closed quickly and securely. Your tongue will thank you. 

Basic Invite also allows for custom samples so that users can be sure they love the quality and look of their product before making a full commitment. Customers can order a printed sample of their invitation or announcement before placing their order. This gives customers a chance to see paper quality and how it will look in real life.

Working with Basic Invite for my little one’s announcements was simple and fun! They have the most adorable vintage birth announcements and I am not kidding when I say I spent hours playing around with them and trying to find the perfect one that fit for our family. There were too many adorable options! Ironically, while looking around on the site, I got down a rabbit hole of looking at baby shower invitation ideas and saw that my mom had actually used Basic Invite for my own shower invites! (Although my shower was unfortunately canceled due to COVID.) 

While we have currently made the decision not to share our little one with the unknown world, but only with friends and family, here are some sample announcements from Basic Invite! Right now, Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51 for you to fulfill your own stationery needs.

For more from Basic Invite, check out their socials:

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Tips To Help Grow Your Side Business

Tips To Help Grow Your Side Business

Whether you’re making money from your blog or selling handmade products, having a side business can certainly open up many other opportunities in life. With that being said,  here are some tips to help grow your side business.

Reinvest Your Profits
Profits are something that you’ll love making when it comes to your side business, and there’s nothing better than that first payment coming through. It means that you’re making progress, but it’s important that you’re reinvesting your profits where you can. This is essential if you want to build on your side business and to make it into more of a success. A lot of people who start side businesses may eventually end up making enough money to be able to do it full-time. It’s good to reinvest in order to build on the opportunities you’re presented with. 

Creating an income is important, but think about how you can disperse these profits so that part of it is being reinvested back into your business.

Have Legal Protection
Legal protection is certainly something that’s important when you’re trying to build a business because there are always dangers out there that could ruin it. It’s good to be clued up on your legal rights and what not to do when it comes to your side business. There’s going to be certain business ideas where you might not need Elite Lawyer Management and others where you would. 

It’s also good to have legal representation in life, regardless of whether it’s for business or personal reasons. It can give you that peace of mind that you’re protected from a legal standpoint.

Use Social Media To Your Advantage
Social media can play such an active role when it comes to your side business, and if you’re not already active on it, you’re missing out. Create social media profiles on any of the platforms you feel are relevant to your business. You should then be using these platforms to build a following so that you’ve got those regular customers who are going to stay engaged and continue to purchase your services or products.

Not every social media platform is going to be right for your business so it’s a case of trialing them and see which ones are going to be the most effective for you.

Get Organized
Being organized in your business is important because when it’s a side hustle, you’ll likely be limited for time. For that reason, it’s essential that you know how to manage your time well in order to get everything that you need, done for the day or week. Be organized by setting yourself up on a management platform where you can set tasks for yourself, especially when you are your own boss. It can help you make the most of your time and to know what needs doing.

Growing a side business certainly isn’t easy, and it’s important to have focus when it comes to your side hustle in order to make it successful. Use these tips to succeed!

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What Do You Need To Get Started With Yoga?

What Do You Need To Get Started With Yoga?

woman performing yoga

People have been using yoga for as long as 5000 years. With the benefits this sort of activity can provide, its popularity throughout history should be no surprise. From improving your flexibility to soothing joint and muscle pain, yoga has a lot to offer, and getting started with it is much simpler than you might expect. To help you out with this, this post will be exploring all of the little things you’ll need to start your journey into better exercise.

Some Guidance

Before you even think about spending money on the items you’re going to need, you will need to look for someone who can guide you down the right path with your yoga. It will be hard to get started without advice and pointers, with a lot of people struggling to get the right form without someone telling them what to do. Online webinars can be excellent for this, though it will often be best to go somewhere with a group of others to do your yoga sessions. These are quite common in outdoor parks.

The Right Clothing

Once you have someone to guide you, it will be time to start thinking about the clothing you’re going to wear for your yoga sessions. It will make sense to choose outfits that are loose and comfortable, without covering too much of your body. Shorts, leggings, and even bikini bottoms can cover your legs, while a loose shirt or tank top would be good up top. You just need to make sure that your clothing isn’t going to restrict your movement or get in the way.

The Right Equipment

Yoga equipment is nice and simple, and most classes will enable you to get away with simply using a mat. Yoga mats can be found across the web, and there are loads of companies offering products like this, making it nice and easy to get your hands on one that you like. Alongside this, you may also want to get a foam roller or two, as some yoga positions can be improved with this addition to your collection.

A Good Space

Whether your practicing yoga with a group or by yourself, it is crucial that you have the right space for it. You should be doing this somewhere that makes you feel calm, with plenty of space and privacy to make sure that you are comfortable. Outdoor areas can be perfect for this, with gardens, parks, and even beaches all offering tranquil environments that will go well with yoga. You will often be able to find more than one class near you, and you can compare the spaces they use to make sure that they will work for you.

With all of this in mind, you should be feeling ready to get started with yoga. This sort of activity has never been more popular, with people across the world embracing yoga and the health benefits it can provide. Of course, though, you’re going to need to get your hands on all of this before you get started.
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4 Amazing Jewelry Services To Consider

4 Amazing Jewelry Services To Consider

A lot of people are flabbergasted by the wealth of choices they have at their disposal when it comes to purchasing jewelry. Most individuals tend to think that their only decision regards going into different shops and purchasing the piece of jewelry they like the most. Nevertheless, you need to consider whether you want the jewelry to be handcrafted or not. Not only this, but you need to bear in mind other factors, such as the opportunity to purchase custom made jewelry. And this is without mentioning all of the other hidden gems too, such as jewelry reconstruction. 

Custom made jewelry services
Let’s begin with one type of jewelry service that is soaring in popularity at the moment; custom made jewelry. More and more people in the modern-day are choosing to go down this route because they recognize just how precious custom made jewelry is. After all, jewelry should be symbolic and representative. There is a lot more to a piece of jewelry than mere prettiness. Every little bit of detail has an intricacy that is intriguing and captivating. Check out to see an example of a good jeweler that can create pieces with such attention to detail. When you go for custom made jewelry you ensure that the piece you have made is completely unique to you, and therefore the jewelry is a representation of who you are. Engagement rings are often custom, as you can choose your diamond’s qualities and different bands and settings. 

Handmade jewelry is another service to think about
Nonetheless, whilst custom made jewelry is evidently soaring in popularity at the moment, it is not the only service that offers a lot of benefits and is being taken advantage of by many individuals. Handmade jewelry is another area of the industry that is booming at present. The reason for this is because people appreciate how much more quality they will gain if they purchase jewelry that has been handcrafted. After all, they know that every little step of the process has received ultimate care and attention.

What about jewelry reconstruction?
Aside from this, another jewelry service worth noting is reconstruction. A lot of people are not aware of this brilliant service. If you have an old piece of jewelry sitting at the bottom of your box that does not get worn, then why not consider taking it in for reconstruction? The stones will be used form the old piece and they will be incorporated into a new piece of jewelry. Therefore you get to keep the old piece of jewelry alive yet it has been turned into something you would now wear. 

Get your jewelry repaired
With regards to the various available jewelry services, before concluding it is worth noting that you can also have repair work done to any of your jewelry that is damaged or worn. Furthermore, another service provided by jewelers is a diamond consultation. It is always better to have one of these before you begin rolling the ball for buying the jewelry. 

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The Little Guide Of Not Being Perfect ... And Why It's Great

The Little Guide Of Not Being Perfect ... And Why It's Great

Why do we seek perfection when we all readily acknowledge that perfection is not of this world?
For a lot of people, the quest for perfection is a painful journey through self-exploration and failures. How many of us have had a bad day when they looked into the mirror and didn’t find it in their heart to love the person looking back at us? 

I am not good enough. 
I am weak. 
I hate x, y, z about myself. 

Does it sound like a familiar pattern? If so, stop immediately and embrace your imperfectness. The secret to a happy life is not to be perfect in any way. It’s not an impossible challenge. Instead, you have to learn to accept your imperfections and be kind to yourself. Here’s why being imperfect is such a blessing: 

#1. Turn your quirks into strengths
What are the little things you are worried about? A lot of people, for instance, are embarrassed about being shortsighted. Perhaps, you’ve received too many unkind comments when you were a bespectacled child at school, or you’re concerned that your eyesight may make you appear weak. In truth, eyewear is one of the most fashionable accessories you could wear. Take a look at some of the most recent designers’ collections if you need some convincing! You can find a trendy frame on a specialist shop such as, for instance. From geeky chic glasses to playful rectangular frames, shortsightedness has never been more fashionable. Besides, your favorite celebrity probably wears glasses too: Jenifer Lopez, Cate Blanchett, Rihanna, or even Zooey Deschanel prove that glasses are stylish. The bottom line: Your quirks may well become your best features if you try. 

#2. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself
You only focus on the things you are not. More often than not, when you look into the mirror, you can’t see past your weaknesses. Our self-critic voices can hide your strengths and power if you’re not careful. There is no secret, though. If you’re going to shut down your inner critic, you need to challenge yourself and boost your confidence. Something as simple as working out regularly can help you push your boundaries. It can improve your flexibility, your agility, your appearance, your health. But exercising also boosts your self-esteem. It proves to you that things you couldn’t do before can be achievable if you focus your energy. Truth be told, it feels incredible when you complete your first 5 miles run or your long hike in the hills. It instantly changes your perception of yourself, from a loser to a winner. 

#3. Nobody is perfect
You’ve heard it before. Perfection is not of this world. You are not perfect. But nor is your neighbor, your best friend, or your worst enemy. We all have self-doubts that we refuse to share with others. So you might be comparing yourself against a slimmer friend, for instance, without realizing that she feels embarrassed about her skinny frame and envies you. You beat yourself up for not being as much of a confident speaker as your co-worker, but what you don’t know is that they practice a lot to get rid of their fear of speaking in public. In short, we’re all in the same boat, thinking that everyone else is a lot better than us. 

#4. What does it really mean to be perfect?
Before you torture yourself on how to become as perfect as you can, take some time to refresh your memory. Jesus refers to the need for being perfect. You can find this famous verse in Matthew 5:48
Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect. 

Now, what does it mean to be perfect according to the Bible? For many, the verse means leading a sinless life. However, you could read something else into it. Indeed, the word perfect was derived from the Greek teleios, which means complete and fulfilling its intended function. In other terms, the Bible doesn’t condemn imperfection. It merely requires you to carry on moving and growing until you can become more mature. It doesn’t mean you can’t have flaws. On the contrary, you should learn from them and carry on repenting and making things right. 

#5. Don’t acknowledge your flaws, learn to fight them
Consequently, if you embrace perfection in the biblical sense, you accept that you have weaknesses. These flaws are part of your journey to ‘perfection’, as they guide you toward a path of self-improvement, mentally, physically, and spiritually. You can choose to open up your mind by reading more books, for instance. Creating a room in which you can relax and get inspired at home can also give you all the energy boost you need to get started with everyday challenges. Finally, the most important thing you can do on your path to self- imperfection is to ask for feedback. Listen carefully to the criticism; it can be a constructive experience. 

#6. Turn frustration into love
Self-improvement doesn’t mean you can turn something you hate about yourself into a positive feature. Self-improvement begins with love, and learning to love your flaws and forgive yourself. Yes, you are not perfect. Yes, there are things you can’t quite get right at the moment. But consider your journey with love. You have to love yourself to become a better person. If you start on your quest for betterment in anger, frustration, and dislike, your efforts will be counterproductive. 

#7. Don’t apologize for your flaws
Unapologetically me. 
You’ve probably come across the saying from positivity influencers. It is true that you shouldn’t feel the need to apologize to others for your flaws. However, self-love and self-empowerment are no excuse for making people around you feel uncomfortable. You are entitled to your tastes, opinions, and preferences. They are part of who you are. Nevertheless, you can’t use these as an excuse for abusive behaviors toward others. Unapologetically me is no green light for ‘anything goes as long as you respect your true self’. 

In conclusion, not being perfect is a challenge of every day. But it’s also what makes life so much more interesting. Are you ready to embrace your imperfection and carry on growing with every new day? 

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